Tournament On Live
Các giải đấu ngày Thứ 3 sẽ được mở đăng ký sớm vào 12:00PM hôm nay, cùng đón chờ nhé!
Upcoming Tournament
Các giải đấu ngày Thứ 3 sẽ được mở đăng ký sớm vào 12:00PM hôm nay, cùng đón chờ nhé!
Tournament General Instructions
Step 1:
Select the game with the tournament open on the Tournament page and select the appropriate match mode; OR go to the "Tournament" section of each game on the portal next to "Head to head" and select the appropriate tournament mode
There are 2 types of competition:
  • Gcoin: Buy tickets and get prizes in Gcoin
  • Diamonds: Buy tickets and get prizes in Diamonds
Step 2:
  • Buy tickets in the selected tournament
  • Each ticket corresponds to 3 tries
  • Unlimited number of tickets purchased
Step 3:
  • Play hard to get high score with high rank (the leaderboard only updates the highest results)
Awarding Rules:
  • The tournament ends at 23:59:59 every day
  • Prizes will be automatically awarded directly to the player's account at 00:00
  • Prizes will be awarded automatically when the room reaches the minimum number of players (Tour mode from Monday to Saturday: minimum 5 players; Sunday tour mode: Minimum 10 players). In case the minimum number of players is not reached, the system will reimburse the participation fee to the player.
  • Gcoin/Diamond won when participating in the tournament will be used to play games on the portal
  • Each tournament will have many rooms, each room is limited to a maximum of 10 players; when the room is full, the system will automatically open a new room; A player can join multiple rooms
  • The format of the tournament will be changed everyday with different rules and prizes
  • The Gcoin rewarded is used to redeem the code after 02 days from the date of receipt
  • Gcoin and diamond rewarded are shown in the sign () next to the available balance. The winning diamonds from tournament is NOT reset every weekend
  • When the user plays on the portal after receiving the prize, the system will prioritize deducting the Gcoin/Diamond prize before using the old balance